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Xpress XP-90032 Execute XQ2S 1/10th Sport 4WD Touring Car Kit

Xpress XP-90032 Execute XQ2S 1/10th Sport 4WD Touring Car Kit

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***Kits take 2-4 days to be ordered in****

The Xpress Execute XQ2S 1/10 4WD sport touring car kit is the next evolution of the super popular XQ1S sport touring car kit.

The XQ2S is an entry level price point 4WD touring car with performance levels that's almost on par with kits at twice or even three times the price!

It brings with it several improvements over the XQ1S, such as:

  • Motor mount area flex adjustment with updated flex plate.
  • Low profile front bumper for greater flexibility in mounting different bodies.
  • Improved ballraced steering rack allowing up to 32 degrees of steering angle.
  • Redesigned upper bulkhead for different camberlink lengths for roll center adjustment.
  • Adjustable diff heights for different cornering reactions.
  • Improved C-Hub running 3.0mm suspension pins.Inbuilt height adjustable body support in the c-hub for more consistent handling.
  • Flex elimination top deck, with various adjustments for different track conditions.
  • Easy to use spring loaded battery mount, adjustable for different heights and lengths.
  • Low profile shocks for cornering stability.
  • Reinforced rear hubs for higher durability, and 3.0mm suspension pins for rigidity.
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