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SIMSpec Engineering non "TOXIC" Tyre Cleaner

SIMSpec Engineering non "TOXIC" Tyre Cleaner

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SIMSpec Engineering non "TOXIC" Tyre Cleaner

Don't be fooled by the name this tyre cleaner is 100% biodegradable and ECO-friendly!

It really does clean and leaves you with a perfect tyre to goop or store.

Can be used in many ways and it just works.

However, you like to clean your tyres, whether it be the way you use brake cleaner, or whether you spin the tyre up on a tyre sander and use a magic sponge.

Comes in a 100ml Spray bottle

Designed and made by SIMSpec Engineering in Australia!

Been tested by many of our local drivers who all agreed and were amazed by how well this non "TOXIC" tyre cleaner cleaned.

This product does not dry out the tyres.

Works on On-road, Off-road, and Drag tyres.

Refill bottles are also available

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