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SIMSpec Engineering GRIP HACK Tyre Sauce

SIMSpec Engineering GRIP HACK Tyre Sauce

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SIMSpec Engineering GRIP HACK Tyre Sauce

Over the last 12-plus months, we at SIMSpec Engineering have been developing this tyre sauce with the help of a chemist and many laps of testing at many tracks and classes.

We found with Grip Hack tyre sauce we gained a better grip for the entire run. Not just for 3 or 4 hot laps. After all, it's consistency that wins races and this was our main goal.

We have found it works on smooth, rough, and painted tracks. It works super consistently!

Has worked with the following brand of tyres, Sweep, Rush, R1, Team Powers, KWR, Sorex, Solaris, and Hudy.

Doesn't just work on rubber tyres but also works on foam RC and Slot car tyres.

75ml dauber top bottle

Increases chemical grip of the tyre by putting oils back into the tyre

Recommended Race day prep for rubber and foam tyres:

Clean with your preferred tyre cleaner

1x 75ml Bottle

Heavily coat tyres, let soak 10-20 minutes and wipe off excess just before your race or put the car down with wet tyres

Designed and made by SIMSpec Engineering in Australia!

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