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SIMSpec Engineering 3mm Arm Reamer

SIMSpec Engineering 3mm Arm Reamer

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SIMSpec Engineering 3mm Arm Reamer

A binding suspension will negatively influence the handling of any R/C car.
This 3mm Reamer is designed specifically for R/C use, this reamer will precisely resize plastic holes without creating excessive slop, allowing you to build a perfect free-moving suspension.

The tool handles are made from 6061 Alloy.

Durable anodized Red and Black coating with Machined alloy end.

The tips are high-quality tool steel with Titanium coating and have perfect fitment.

Weight just over 40 grams each so you know they are quality.

Don't let the price fool you!

We also have replacement 3mm Reamers available if you happen to ever require one

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