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REDS Racing VX3 540 Factory Selected 13.5t **PRE ORDER**

REDS Racing VX3 540 Factory Selected 13.5t **PRE ORDER**

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This is a Factory Selected version. REDS VX3 Selected Motors are hand built and selected with the top 5% tested motors of every batch and we guarantee Hall Sensor variance of 1 degree or better.

Product Details
UPC: 761000967921
Brand: REDS Racing

The REDS VX2 540 Sensored Brushless Motor is a low resistance 13.5T motor that guarantees maximum power and efficiency to ensure a big improvement over the previous version. The 2-piece CNC machined can offers a 20% increase in cooling efficiency compared to the 1st generation REDS motors. The High Power Stator doesn�t use a separate insulator, helping to create a lighter motor and guarantee improved cooling efficiency. REDS Racing VX2 brushless motors incorporate �maximum low resistance copper wire� that provides very low internal resistance. This pure copper magnetic wire has been combined with Low resistance collector rings to guarantee maximum power and higher RPM. The precision balanced neodymium high-temperature rotor for an increased performance and optional rotors are available to help tune for different track conditions.

Aluminum End Cup for Precise Timing Tuning
Precision Ball Bearings Deliver High RPM
Silver Plated Solder Tabs Offer Low Resistance and High Power
CNC Machined Can is Lightweight and Offers Optimized Air Flow
High Purity Copper Windings for Maximum Conductivity
High Strength Balanced Rotor for High Speed

Rotor: 12.5
KV: 3400
Power: 255W
Max Current: 35A
Weight: 145g
EFRA/BRCA Legal: Yes
Can Diameter: 35.8mm
Can Length: 51.4mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm

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