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ARC R100026 R12FF 1/10th Scale FWD Touring Car Kit

ARC R100026 R12FF 1/10th Scale FWD Touring Car Kit

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Introducing the R12FF, ARC’s next generation 1/10th scale FWD touring car kit. Based on the 2020 ETS FWD winning R11F, the R12FF retains its front-motor, front-wheel drive layout for maximum traction under all track conditions.

The R12FF features all-new long suspension arms to further improve traction and deliver more corner speed. Other new features include:

  • Motor lowered 1mm compared to R11F.
  • All new narrow Upper Deck comes standard on the R12FF.
  • Battery holder for shorty and standard Lipo included.All suspension parts are comparable with ARC R12.
  • Optional short front suspension arms can be used on tracks with very high traction.
  • Optional flex adjustment plates for shorty and standard Lipo configurations allows chassis flex to be easily adjusted.

Unlike most other so-called high-end FWD cars on the market, the R12FF is not just a converted 4WD tourer but a bespoke FWD platform for maximum FWD performance!

***Kits take 2-4 days to be ordered in.**** 

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