ARC A10-23 Build and First Drive Impressions

ARC A10-23 Build and First Drive Impressions

ARC A10-23 Build and First Drive Impressions

I normally start out these builds by reading the manual to get a feeling of the build but because there aren’t many differences between this A10-23 and the previous model A10, so I won’t go into details and tips for the whole build but will comment on the new updates and any new tips I have picked up racing the A10 a bunch.

The main differences between the old version A10 and the new A10-23 are mainly the new X-Low Shocks, V3 upper A-arms, and the rear arms being shorter.

So, let's talk about the new A10-23 X-Low Shocks and Springs:

Following the lead of Xray, Arc has new X-Low shock length is 7mm shorter than the previous Ultra Short Shocks. They also allow the fitment of both ARC Ultra Short 20mm shock springs and the new X-Low 17mm springs. I was actually worried about these shorter shocks when they first hit the market as I race on some very very bumpy tracks where ride heights can be around the 7mm mark. But I was completely wrong. They work fantastic and the car is actually better over the bumps than the previous models.

I used all the normal tricks with building them, the main ones were to put a slot on the shock adjustment nut to make it easier to count turns, and used SIMSpec Red Jam o’ring grease to prevent leaks and air getting into the shocks.

The new X-Low shocks have a new range of springs that offers 8 different spring rates –five linear springs from C2.5 to C2.9, along with three progressive springs C2.4-C2.7, C2.5-C2.8 and C2.6-C2.9. The best feature which I am very thankful for is that the older 20mm long springs still fit these shocks which will give even more tuning options.

Along with the new shocks, there are new shock towers that move the shocks down 6.2mm on the front and 6.5mm on the rear. This lowers the COG of the car a fair bit which is always a welcome advantage and should help improve corner speeds.

The new Rear Lower Arms:

The A10-23 rear suspension arms are 3mm shorter. Along with this, a new chassis plate with revised mounting locations, so the rear track width remains the same.

This was probably the biggest improvement of the car and one I did not expect it to make as big of a difference as they do.

The shorter rear arms have given the car more rear grip but at the same time, they have improved the mid-corner/corner exit grip, while improving tyre life on all 4 corners of the car.

A tip with Carbon arms is to run brass screws to lower the chance of pulling a screw through the chassis plate

Other changes for the A10-23:

New 5.8mm Outer Pivot Balls:

The A10-23’s outer pivot balls are now 1.5mm lower compared to the A10

This will give more tuning options and able to get more rim clearance for some brands of rims.

I haven’t played with these yet but in theory less shims should improve steering response.

A tip here when installing these onto the grub screws I use a tiny bit of purple Loctite as I have had them come loose a couple of times on the A10 but this has solved it.

New V3 Upper A-arms:

These now come stock on the A10-23, I have used these since they came out on my A10mf and they have been fantastic no noticeable wear at all.

New Rear Horizontal Body Post:

The A10-23 rear body posts are now horizontal as standard. I have been using the SIMSpec version of these on all my other A10’s since its launch so it's great to see them included in the kit. They deliver more rear downforce and look better with not seeing the rear posts.

I run SIMSpec Rear Body Mounts along with these to gain even more downforce and help reduce body tucks.

The big question how does this new A10-23 perform?

In one word, Awesome!!!!!! I have tested this at most tracks I race at and straight out of the box it has been quicker right from the very first run.

The car just feels so easy to drive. It does everything I want it to do. It handles bumps better than the A10 and R12’s, with very minimal tyre wear.

Racing with it at Geelong the car was instantly on the pace of the front runners. I have struggled a bit last time there and was .6 a lap off the pace. I was able to win a heat and match hot lap times with the locals and was quickest hot lap in qualifying by 2 tenths. Sadly, had some crashes at the start of races and bad luck getting through lapped cars to be able to win the night.

If you just want to update your A10, start off with the shocks and when you need a new low plate 100% grab the A10-23 and the rear arms. You will not be disappointed at all.

Extras used on this build:

ARC R132044 Aluminium Steering Bellcranks
SIMSpec Upper Stainless Screw Set
SIMSpec Brass Screws for the lower side
SIMSpec Carbon Front Bumper Brace
SIMSpec Flexible 3D Printed Bumper


REDS ZX PRO 160A 1/10 GEN2
REDS Racing VX3 540 PRO Stock 21.5t
ProAmps Servo BLS139
Fyrreworks 6500 Lipo
Sanwa RX481 RX
SIMSpec GEN2 40mm Fan and Duct
MYLAPS RC4 Transponder

Here is the link to the build of the A10 for more tips and tricks building it:

Thankyou to Smokem and ARC for getting me this kit out to me in record time

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